Quality making and repair of violin family instruments. Fine Strings stocks a variety of violin, viola and cello instruments at various levels and as stock is always changing it is best to contact Olivia to see what is presently available.  

Services include (but are not limited to):


Professional rehair
New leather
New tip

Professional Set-Up of Violin Family Instruments

Sound adjustment with the correct alignment of bridge and soundpost
New bridge cut
Soundpost adjustment or new soundpost fitting
Peg fitting
Endpin fitting
Nut (top saddle) reshaping or new fitting
Fingerboard planing

Professional Instrument Cleaning

It is important to clean your instrument as part of its long term care, marketed cleaners are not recommended due to the damage they can cause your instrument with unwanted oil build-up and possible reactions to your instrument’s original varnish.

Repairs and Restoration

We also repair and restore your instruments. For details of the most common repairs, click here.

Musical instruments are delicate and require careful handling. Feel free to download and print a copy of my “Stringed Instrument Care and Maintenance” outline to ensure your instrument receives the attention it deserves.