Dear Olivia,

You have accomplished a brilliant ‘rebirth’ for my cello. I have played through some of the Bach suites last night to give your work a thorough testing. I was very pleased to find that your bridge and sound-post setting on this cello allows much clearer articulation, especially in rapid passages, and delightfully, greater ease of tuning, clarity, and balance in the playing of chords. The C string, which had been always hard to handle on this cello, has become ‘normalized’ and plays as easily as the other strings. More importantly, it now has a tone quality that matches the other strings and offers much greater ease of play in lower passages – which formerly had been a struggle. The tone for the whole instrument is now more open and free, and resonates much longer after a note is sounded. The cello is much better suited now to ‘fit in’ to a string quartet or trio. I am thrilled!

My cello has never played this freely and beautifully before in the many years that I have owned it. You have ‘solved’ it’s problems with an apparent ease which speaks to your brilliance and gifts as a luthier.

Gratefully yours,

Steve Smith

Hello Olivia: Just a quick note to say thank you again so much for repair my violin; I love how it sounds and plays! Thank you again so much!



Dear Olivia, …Above all, thank you for taking the time to really listen to me, to my concerns, and to the ache in my cello. I thought its heart was breaking. You have given us hope!

Gloria Stowell

Good Morning Olivia, Oh, how happy the heart of my cello is once again! It’s voice is singing with much more confidence. Thank you, Olivia, for your very perceptive analysis of the problems and your skillful touch in resolving them. Thank you so much, Olivia.


Gloria Stowell

Hi Olivia, I was really happy with how my violin performed after your extensive repairs. A professional violinist I played with was also admiring my instrument… she wondered if I were a professional myself! LOL. I give credit to the instrument. Thanks again so much!

Tim Hanna

Olivia is as good as anyone I know to do the work. She has set up 5 new cellos for me, and done the odd thing here and there for me on my “good” cello, and everything she has done has been top notch. I also use her for rehairing all my bows. She’s never let me down! I trust her and her prices are very fair!


Thanks Olivia for the excellent job you did on the violin! My daughter was very very happy.

Suzanne Gratton

Dear Olivia, I just wanted to let you know I am really happy with the resonance my violin has now, and the bow that you rehaired is working great. Thanks again for a nice job.


Shirlee Mays

Great work with a smile. My bow rehair was very well done.

Ann Frederking

Imagine my dismay to find a deck crack all the way to the sound post on my cello! Olivia of Fine Strings managed to repair it, including tricky sound post patch, in time for our concert and it sounds better than ever.

Rob McLellan